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London trip

  • 12.06.2018, 14:38

Hellooo guys.

A few weeks ago me and Maria were in London. It was a really special and fun trip. I remember calling Maria one day and telling her how good it was there last time I was in London (only 4 weeks before). There was a lot of back and forth if we should actually go or not, but then we decided we should.

I got up at 4 o'clock in the morning and packed over 21 kilos as usual (only for 3 days). I also had the world's smallest car I had borrowed from Audi! Maria was waiting for me at 5am, so I had an ice cold redbull waiting for her when she got in the car (as cute as I am) !!
Finally, we were on our way to the airport. We bought some alcohol so we could enjoy ourselves on the 2 hour plane journey.
As clever as I am, I forgot to go to the toilet before we landed. So I was bursting to go the toilet as the plane landed, and had to literally run to the toilet. Maria did nothing but laugh at me while I was dancing around myself in pain, haha.

As we finally got off the plane, we had to book a taxi. My original idea was to order a limo from the airport and to our apartment. So we asked them if they had a limousine, which they said they did. We went with our driver to the limo, but it was far from a limousine. They thought we meant a big nice car, and that's what we got. But not as expected of course. So we took the big car with our 40 kilo luggage to the apartment right by Tower Bridge.

We had booked a really nice luxury apartment at the Cheval Three Quays in London, so we were expecting a lot, but the apartment was much better than our expectations!
We had 2 master bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with a large bath, 2 balconies with a large living room and kitchen on the 10th floor. Too bad we didn't stay there a whole week. We had so many plans - but only got time to do half of them.
We went out both nights, since we had a friend that told us if we went to his Club we could have free drinks all night.
And for some reason, I'm always so generous when I'm drinking. We got free drinks all night, but I still gave the bartender tips ... not just a little bit either - but 10 pounds each time. Typical me.

In London the clubs are open until 6 in the morning, so around closing time I tried to take Maria home. Not always that easy to go home when we were having such a fun time, but I knew we had to be out of the apartment at 1 o'clock the next day.
The Monday (our last day) was stressful. When we finally arrived to Norway we ended up on the wrong bus to the parking place. I think we got on the wrong bus about 3 times. So in the end we had to walk for about 20 minutes, through a forest with all our luggage, to find our car.
But despite this, we did have a great time. And I can't wait to go back there. But for now. I'm going to visit other countries first.

Check out our vlogg from our trip (click on the picture below) 





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