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Get to know us tag- 36 questions

  • 14.06.2018, 11:53


We thought we'd have a get to know us tag, so that you can get a better understanding of who we are. We have selected a number of questions from a couple of "get to know me" questions. Maybe we're not as alike as we think? Let's see. 


  1. What are your favorite things about yourself?
  • Maria: That I'm not afraid of taking risks. If you're close to me then I'm a very loyal friend. I have the ability to adjust to all sorts of situations and I believe that I have good morals. 
  • Anne:  I have a really big heart, and I'm super spontaneous! 
  1. What is your biggest fear?
  • Maria: Apart from someone I love dying, it has to be the dark, anything under the sea or any kind of insect.
  • Anne: Oh.. I don't know.. Maybe spiders? 
  1. What is your biggest regret?
  • Maria: I don't have that many regrets, as I choose not to focus on what could have been. But one thing I wish I put more effort into was math's at school. It's always helpful to be good with numbers.
  • Anne: Oh, where should I start? Like I said, I'm really spontaneous.. So maybe all the cars I bought over the past years, you have no idea how much Money I have spent on them.. It's insane! 
  1. What is the most important thing in your life?
  • Maria: My family, without a doubt.
  • Anne: Family, they mean everything to me. 
  1. Who is your favorite actor/actress? 
  • Maria: Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Anne: Hm.. I don't know, but I do like Jason Statham for sure - what a man!
  1. What is your favorite drink?
  • Maria: non-alcoholic: Redbull or some form of energy drink, alcoholic: Champagne
  • Anne: non-alcoholic: Redbull.. Alcoholic: Wine
  1. What is your favorite quote?
  • Maria: "We keep blaming society, but we are society"
  • Anne: "Never a failure - always a lesson"
  1. What was your favorite subject in High School?
  • Maria: History!
  • Anne: History
  1. What was your least favorite subject in High School?
  • Maria: Math
  • Anne: Math..
  1. What is good about how you are living your life right now?
  • Maria: That I'm not afraid to take risks. 
  • Anne: No regrets, good Vibes only. 
  1. Who is the first person you call when something horrible happens?
  • Maria: I usually like to keep it to myself, but if I were to call someone it would be my dad/mum. 
  • Anne: My dad or my Brothers. They are everything for me!
  1. Who was your first Celebrity crush?
  • Maria: Jeremy Sumpter from Peter Pan, haha!
  • Anne: Ryan Gosling.. Still handsome!
  1. What is something you look for in a partner?
  • Maria: Intelligent, ambitious, funny, outgoing, kind
  • Anne: A real gentleman, funny, spontaneous, outgoing
  1. Are you a morning person or a night owl?
  • Maria: definitely a night owl
  • Anne: I'm both.. I can't sleep that long, feels like I'm missing out on the day. I think I need to sleep more..
  1. What has been the hardest thing for you to face or learn?
  • Maria: That people are extremely selfish and usually only think about how they can benefit from a situation
  • Anne: That nothing is forever, I need to face that things happen. 
  1. What is something that scares you that you would never ever try?
  • Maria: Swimming with sharks, or anything to do with under the sea. I hate being under water.
  • Anne: Oh.. I love to try out things that make me feel a little crazy! So I really don't know.
  1.  If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?
  • Maria: A luxury apartment for myself somewhere amazing and one for my mum and dad. A nice car. Maybe a private plane? The list is endless.
  • Anne: hehe, a lot of cars, a big boat and I would travel for the rest of my life.  
  1. If you could eat lunch with one famous person, who would it be?
  • Maria: Tommy Robinson (or Eminem) 
  • Anne: Scott Eastwood (so handsome..) or Drake
  1. If you could meet any one person (from history or currently alive), who would it be?
  • Maria: Probably one of Americas presidents, not sure who to choose.
  • Anne: I have no idea..
  • When did you suffer your first heartbreak?
  • Maria: I've never experienced a true heartbreak before, but I experienced something similar when I was fourteen.
  • Anne: Hm, never felt a real heartbreak before. I was so Young in my first relationship.. And you can't say that you love a person you have never felt was a good match.. I was sad, but he was more mean when we broke up, so it was a bit easy to just hate him more. But my second relationship was real love, and I will always feel something for him. He is my best friend, and always will be.
  1. Pick one, exceptional strength or intelligence
  • Maria: Intelligence
  • Anne: Easy - intelligence for sure!
  1. Pick one, forgiveness or vengeance?
  • Maria: Depends who it is, but I think I have to go with vengeance.
  • Anne: Vengeance, but I do forgive to easy.. (So stupid)
  1. Pick one, Halloween or Valentine's Day
  • Maria: Halloween
  • Anne: I'm a romantic kind of girl, so Valentine's day.
  1. Would you rather be a genius or be wealthy?
  • Maria: I would have to pick wealthy.
  • Anne: I am already genius. So wealthy
  1. How often are you on social media?
  • Maria: too much. All the time.
  • Anne: Haha, do we need to ask? Too much.. 
  1. Do you have an idol?
  • Maria: I have certain people I admire for what they have accomplished, but I don't really believe in having an idol.
  • Anne: I do, Edwina Tops-Alexander. A real fighter in showjumping/Equestrain. Went from nothing, to be the strongest woman I know. 
  1. Beauty or intelligence?
  • Maria: Unfortunately, it has to be beauty.
  • Anne: Like I said, I'm already intelligent, so beauty. 
  1. Who has inspired you the most?
  • Maria: My dad. He's such an inspiration. 
  • Anne: My Brothers and dad.
  1. What is your biggest wish?
  • Maria: My biggest wish is very personal to me, so it will remain a secret for now.
  • Anne: I'm already happy. I have my Family by my side. 
  1. What is your zodiac sign?
  • Maria: Virgo
  • Anne: Aquarius
  1. Are you emotional or rational?
  • Maria: Very rational
  • Anne: Emotional 
  1. Are you an opportunity maker or a chance taker?
  • Maria: A chance taker
  • Anne: A chance taker
  1. What's your favorite junk food?
  • Maria: Cheese plain with fries and lots of ketchup from McDonalds
  • Anne: Haha, cheeseburger. 
  1. When was the last time you cried?
  • Maria: Can't remember. A long time ago.
  • Anne: When I sold my horse
  1. Favorite television show?
  • Maria: Sons of Anarchy, West World, The Handmaids tale, Game of Thrones, the Tudors
  • Anne: Sons of Anarchy and The OC
  1. What do you want to be when you're older? 
  • Maria: Successful! Hopefully as an HR manager for a big company.
  • Anne: Successful.


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What about the people I love?

  • 10.06.2018, 10:01

Good morning!

Since I have so much to do before I leave, I'll try and write a little about what happens when I get time.
I have asked myself, what will happen with the rest of my loved ones at home? Should I leave the people I love? Yes I will, but we have talked a long time about this. Everyone understands that I want to experience new things now while I have the opportunity, and I won't be travelling alone- but with Maria. 

How long are we going to stay in Spain I do not know yet, but for now I do not see myself coming back to Norway.
The closest people to me are coming down this summer, so I will get a lot of visits.
I love to travel and have already been to lots of places. But I never look forward to go back home! Isn't it better for my closest friends to be able to fly down to Spain and stay there with me for a week? And anyway, I will always come home for a visit, so yeah.. I'm leaving what I had here in Norway, but everyone is happy for me.
Something I look forward to by moving to Spain is that I might start riding and competing again. Maybe I will buy myself a new horse? I already have a friend in Denmark who has a great horse standing ready for me if I want her. 
But time will tell!

I have grown a lot over the past year. I hate to argue with people, so whatever has happened, I have taken a step back.
I value the people I have in my life, and have never worked as hard on these relations as I have now.  
I am focusing on getting a good career in life and experiencing what I can. Also, to get to know as many people as possible! That's what I call happiness.


I will go for a run now before I need to fix the rest of my house..
Hope you all have a great morning, some of you maybe.. If you dont have a good hangover! haha.. 



Goodbye Norway

  • 09.06.2018, 23:37

Heeey, long time no see!

Okey...it has been a while since I've written anything here, but I took a break from writing.
A lot of exciting things has happened, and a lot more exciting things are about to happen, Omg! From now on, I am choosing to write in English, because I am moving to Spain,  so I hope it won't be a problem for you guys.

So why am I moving to Spain?! I wanted to do more exciting things in life, and get the feeling that I could just travel and experience something other than Norway. So why not?
I have got a job, an apartment and I have already got a lot of friends around the world. After my trip to London I was thinking about that I would love to find a Norwegian job somewhere else than in Norway. Ofc, I do have a great job right now!! But I wanted to do it in a new place, with new people!  However, I'm not traveling alone. My best friend Maria is travelling with me!! And she's got the same job and we will be living together in the same apartment! I could not have asked for a better travel partner then her. We are going to Marbella, maybe some of you have already been there? I have, and I really love the place.. 

And now you're probably wondering..... What am I going to do with my house? My cars? My bike? Or my dog?
I have already sold the bike .. My house has been rented out and I am goint to bring Malika to Spain. And my cars, I have choosen to keep the S4, but sell the Golf.
Because - In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take! 
When I have some time off before I start work, Im going to visit France and Italy (after I move down there ofc).
And when do I move? Im moving 1st July !!!

Looking forward to sharing my journey with you guys!! 
Cant wait to show you my new apartment. 

Have a great weekend. 



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